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Letter: Post-COVID reports will be fascinating

Letter: Post-COVID reports will be fascinating

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Not getting vaccinated is akin to draft dodging? I don’t know how to say this other than: There is no draft? Going into the military in each and every capacity is voluntary! Absolutely no one is drafted anymore!

Thus does that mean vaccinations should, therefore, be voluntary? This is coming from a real old guy who has been vaccinated and no doubt, when Moderna boosters are available, will get his booster shots and volunteered to occupy a position in the U.S. Army.

Oh, do I wish I could read the post Covid reports 15 years from now. I think it is going to be fantastic to find out what we did right and what was totally wrong. For example, the subject of masks, the subject of Ivermectin and other ionophones, herd immunity, political lock downs, stopping foreigners and illegal aliens from coming into our country, plus the big one to me: what was the long-term impact on all the students who experienced closed schools and online learning? Fascinating for sure!

Life-death discussions go on and on. Take abortions? Are fetuses being properly protected today in the United States? Answer that one without going off on a rant! I happen to believe yet to be born babies need all the protection in the world, yet I do believe early abortions should be permitted. See how the hairs on the back of your head are bristling! Yet, you say I have to be vaccinated?

Ron Carlson, Bismarck


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