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Letter: Oh, now we are worried about riots

Letter: Oh, now we are worried about riots


The Reverend Martin Luther King stated in 1967, a “Riot is the language of the unheard.” Although MLK condemned violence, those words were used to justify this summer’s race riots, along with the accompanying burning, looting, and destruction of our nation’s poorly run inner cities.

During much of 2020 America viewed the riots on TV. They repeatedly saw on-site announcers proclaim the turmoil as “mostly peaceful,” while in the background the surrounding buildings were aflame, and bodies lay lifeless in the streets. Not a word of condemnation was expressed by the Democrats, nor the compliant press.

It appears that our cultural elites on the left are fine with violence as long as it furthers their ideological goals. Chris Cuomo of NBC said it best: “Show me where it says the protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful.” Declaring war on conservatives, Maxine Waters told her followers to harass Trump’s supporters and cabinet members in department stores and gas stations. “Push back on them,” she said.

The Democrats, due to the recent election, have the upper hand but considering the violence they sanctioned during all of 2020 can they and their sycophants in the press truly claim the high moral ground?

What took place on Jan. 6 was a disgrace and a debacle. But it does not compare to the hundreds of riots that the nation saw nightly during the past year. Conservatives are not the party of anarchy and violence; the left holds the monopoly on such tactics.

Tom Hammerel, Bismarck


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