Letter: Not my father's Republican Party

Letter: Not my father's Republican Party


The Republican Party under President Trump is not my father’s Republican Party. My father “Liked Ike.” He worked hard to support Dwight Eisenhower. That was 1956 -- a time when the party was surprisingly progressive. 

What were some of the planks on the 1956 Republican Party platform? Some of the planks were: provide federal assistance to low-income communities; protect Social Security; provide asylum for refugees; extend minimum wage; improve unemployment benefit system so it covers more people; strengthen labor laws so workers can more easily join a union; and, assure equal pay for equal work regardless of sex. (Note: Last year, every Republican in the U.S. Senate voted against the Paycheck Fairness Act to assure equal pay for equal work.) 

The 2016 Republican Party Platform was the most conservative (regressive) platform in modern history. Some of the planks included: a wall on the Mexican border; calling immigrants “illegal aliens,”; an “America First” trade policy; aggressive stance toward China on trade; support for Israel; teaching the Bible in public schools; EMPs (electromagnetic pulse weapons) as a real threat; coal is a “clean” energy source; “auditing” the Federal Reserve; lawmakers must consider religion as a guide when drafting legislation; calling abortion “aborted children”; condones conversion therapy for LBGTQ children; calls internet pornography a public health crisis. 

In 2016, 63% of North Dakota’s voters supported Donald Trump for president. It will more than likely be the same in 2020. I have some questions for Senators Hoeven and Cramer as well for Representative Armstrong. What are the principles governing the new Republican Party under President Trump? What does your party now stand for? What is your stand on health, education, welfare, social security, environment, national debt, non-white immigration; term limits, fair taxation, nationalism? Any wagers on a public response?

Henry Lebak, Bismarck


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