Letter: North Dakota should own, operate Coal Creek Station

Letter: North Dakota should own, operate Coal Creek Station


Here’s a great idea: the state of North Dakota should accept the gift of the Coal Creek Station and operate it for the benefit for the people of North Dakota. It will be a “Win – Win” situation. We can assure our residents of a guaranteed source of electrical power, jobs will be saved for its employees and those of the nearby Knife River Coal Company, small towns will remain viable, all the workers at the power plant and coal mine will continue to pay taxes, we will not have to pay unemployment for laid off workers, and we may even be able to make money because as a state owned business it will not pay taxes.

Residents of our region need a dependable supply of electricity. A balanced mix of renewables, coal, gas and hydro is the best way to ensure reliability.

North Dakota has valuable experience in successfully running the Bank of North Dakota and the State Mill and Elevator for the benefit of its people. The Industrial Commission can put in place an expert power plant management team to work for the people of North Dakota. The pending abandonment of the Coal Creek Station by the cooperative in Minnesota should be seen as an opportunity North Dakota should seriously explore!

Bob Wefald, Bismarck


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