Letter: Millennials have reflected seriously

Letter: Millennials have reflected seriously


Another presidential election is before us. If the Democrats are truly concerned about social issues, they would see just how Planned Parenthood is targeting the Afro-American communities. It is called genocide.

John Maddock stated in a recent letter (Jan. 31) that Republicans should care about mothers. If (for example), as in China, sex selection does not allow these young girls to ever be born, how can there ever be any social rights to give them in the first place?

If Democrats are truly concerned about women’s health, why do they fight requiring abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital? Do they even believe women today can die from an abortion? Do Democrats know that a uterus can be punctured or that women can bleed to death following any medical procedure of that kind?

Democrats are willing to allow minors to have major surgery without parental knowledge or consent when these young women could go home and bleed to death.

Think twice, John Maddock. These U of Mary students are not fooled. When they vote Republican, they very well know what they are doing. That is the party and the president who have created many jobs in the first place. You must have a job first in order to get a just wage.

Unemployment is low in North Dakota. Give credit where credit is due; to the hard working Republicans in this state.

The millennials have reflected seriously, John, “first things first”. They are more knowledgeable than previous generations.

Way to go U of Mary students and faculty for taking part in the recent very large March For Life in Washington, D.C., to defend those who cannot speak for themselves.

Evelyn Jacob, Mandan


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