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Letter: Masks are ND Smart

Letter: Masks are ND Smart


Gov. Burgum has advocated that we approach the COVID-19 epidemic by being “ND Smart, not ND Stupid.” From the beginning, I agreed with him when he said: “we all know what stupid is.”

So, as the epidemic proceeded, I was proud that we started out SMART. ND emphasized testing as many people in vulnerable groups as possible and continues to be the top testing State. But, once that was done, Gov. Burgum went to see President Trump and changed. In an emotional appeal before going to D.C., the governor received national attention for warned against “mask shaming.” When he got back his message dissolved into wearing a mask is a personal decision without regard for the consequences for others, and we are now rated the No. 1 state with the highest positive rate of COVID per capita.

Even President Trump agrees that COVID-19 is transmitted through the air when we breath close to each other.

So, unprotected breathing is dangerous. And, living dangerously is STUPID.

ND has a long history of respect for education and taking cooperative action to improve all our lives. It is so disappointing that ND STUPID is raising its ugly head and our leaders are not stamping it out.

Let us get back on the ND SMART track. Let us follow the guidance of knowledgeable experts about ways to protect ourselves, our families, our friends, and our neighbors: everyone wearing masks. Protecting each other’s health is SMART. Putting other’s health in danger is STUPID.

Kari Conrad, Glen Ullin


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