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Letter: Make voting easier than buying a gun

Letter: Make voting easier than buying a gun

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Have you heard of the phrases “to win by hook or crook” or “to win by any means necessary?” This appears to be occurring with the current election process in America.

The Republican Party has preached that the presidential election was lost because of voter fraud. This has been well documented as unsubstantiated. As a result of this unsubstantiated claim, 43 Republican states, North Dakota included, have passed more than 250 new laws resulting in increased voter suppression and voter restriction.

I hypothesize that these actions are not the result of Republicans fearing voter fraud. I believe these actions are the result of the Republican Party fearing election losses due to changing demographics.

It has been well documented that more whites than non-whites vote Republican. Conversely, more non-whites than whites vote Democrat.

The demographics in America are shifting from a white majority to a non-white majority. This makes the Republican Party nervous. It does not want to lose its power through the elective process. If a party cannot win through a “normal” election, it passes laws to suppress or restrict the non-white vote. North Dakota is not immune from this suppression/restriction process, even given the state’s small non-white population. Review what happened to the residents of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation following the 2012 Heitkamp/Berg senatorial race.

The Constitution allows each citizen the right to vote. That vote should be easier to do than buying a firearm. But, unfortunately, our election had digressed to a place that a win by any means necessary is OK.

Henry Lebak, Bismarck


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