Letter: Justice has left the building

Letter: Justice has left the building


I knew how Donald Trump’s impeachment trial would end -- we all knew how it would end. Republicans control the Senate, and it’s clear they’re afraid of the backlash they’d get. Nevermind that 51% of Americans were in favor of his removal, let’s focus on the evidence: 75% of American citizens, We The People, wanted the Senate to call witnesses and to see relevant evidence for this trial. They are supposed to work in the best interest of the American public.

Don’t exclaim that the House should have called these crucial witnesses, they tried. Trump blocked any and all vital documents as well as witnesses from testifying. Are those the actions of an innocent man? If we’d have gone to court over the matter, it would have taken one to two years. It took over eight months to rule on McGahn’s testimony. We can’t wait until after the election to rule on a case about election meddling, nor can we count on an election to fairly appoint someone who is allowed to cheat them without consequences.

I was a Republican at one point. I played tennis with Senator Hoeven’s son for years. I won’t delve into the details on this administration’s actions, but the latest act of Republican senators not requesting any witnesses or evidence, even in light of serious information exposed by John Bolton, is completely derelict of their duty. North Dakota Congress members claim that this trial is partisan; calling witnesses, asking for facts, and examining evidence is not a partisan issue. It’s a credibility issue. It’s an integrity issue. It’s a justice issue. Are any of those things important to our state officials? When can we expect them to visit their state to discuss these monumental decisions they’ve made for us?

Ryan Hilmoe, Bismarck


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