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Letter: It's your job not to resist the police

Letter: It's your job not to resist the police


The police do not need defunding, they do not need more oversight or control. They already have professional responsibility committees and such.

What is needed is responsibility in the criminal sector. Teens need to be taught in school how to be arrested correctly -- after all many will choose to enter a life of crime. They should give up at once, lie down and put their hands behind their backs. The arrest will move smoothly, and they will be back on the street before the police finish the paperwork.

If you resist the police you are physically assaulting the officer, and he is free to reply with as much force as needed.

The subject does have rights: he has the right to live. To exercise this right all he has to do is lie down on the ground and allow the officers to do their jobs.

He may have the right to try to explain himself to the officers, but he also has the right to remain silent, and that is the far better course of action. The officer is not going to debate the law or the circumstances with you, that prerogative remains with the judge. And anything that you say is recorded and will be held against you in a court of law

The tragic case may be when an officer has to intervene with a mentally impaired individual. You DO NOT send social workers or even EMTs into what is potentially the most dangerous situations that officers face. (That and domestic violence.) The officers go in first, and when the scene is safe the other professionals can take over.

All deaths are tragic, but it is your responsibility as a criminal to protect yourself by not resisting the officers while you are still a subject; you have no more rights once you become a statistic.

Brother Elias Thienpont, Richardton

Assumption Abbey


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