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Letter: Is this 'your' North Dakota Republican Party?

Letter: Is this 'your' North Dakota Republican Party?

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Is this YOUR North Dakota Republican Party? Pushing new, confusing, and likely unconstitutional laws written by outsiders. Fighting the recent American Rescue Plan, yet pocketing their check. Stripping transparency and blatantly stating that redistricting draft and plans wouldn’t be open records until after it’s over. Forcing public schools to display the Ten Commandments, making school districts liable for massive lawsuits using your tax dollars.

Laws giving income tax breaks for parents who choose to send their children to private schools. Creating tax deficits that you and I will have to make up. Speaking “local control” publicly while legislatively taking away decision making from counties, cities, towns, townships and schools. Trying to limit your voting rights, absentee ballots, early voting and initiated measures. Cover up years of sexual harassment towards staff and peers by a Republican legislator. Spending millions of dollars of CARES Act money on abandoned leaking oil wells while North Dakotans and small businesses were dying. Then, not changing the law to stop it from happening again. Rescinding the Equal Rights Agreement (ERA). What's next? Training for wives to walk three paces behind their husbands? Voting themselves a large increase for meals, citing lobbyists could no longer buy them steak and lobster dinners. Working to defund the Ethics Commission voted in by the people in the 2018 election. They’re getting nervous! Defeating a paid family leave bill for North Dakotans. In 2019 ND legislators used $56,000 of your taxpayer money to cover “their” paid family leave. Are they above the common worker? Thirty-three ND legislators received nearly $6 million of federal paycheck protection program (PPP) money for businesses connected to them. Thirty-two are NDGOP, one receiving a million, another 2 million. 

Is this “your” NDGOP? Next, they’ll show up on your doorstep asking for more of your tax dollars.

Warren Larson, Bismarck


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