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Letter: Investigation needed into COVID-19 origin

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I’m getting to know a lot of people that died from Covid-19.

It is not my intent to spread misinformation about this virus, I just want to give my opinion and in an opinion column is where I choose to voice it.

Whether Covid 19 is a natural or man manipulated virus is not my concern. I believe it is our government's responsibility to protect us from any foreign or domestic threats against our citizens. Society is responsible for mitigating our way through this attack on our health.

What we actually have is our government implying half of the population is responsible for this virus spreading instead of investigating how it developed and where it came from, the half they consider their party opposition, coincidence?

If our scientists knew the origin they would likely be able to figure a way to better help individuals cope with this life-threatening virus. It is just my guess but, I suppose it is easier to shirk your responsibility by placing blame, than it is to produce factual evidence sparking all sorts of conspiracy theories.

Why nearly half our population believes this virus can be eradicated even though it is mutating and causing new variants just as our “common flu” does is somewhat of a mystery to me.

I believe until we find the origin of this virus, we cannot combat it effectively. Since our government doesn’t seem interested in that, I am suspicious.

The fact that our government can locate which pen a cow with “Mad Cow Disease” used in another country in a very short time, but has yet to find the origin of a virus that has killed thousands of its own people after two full years, is very disturbing to me.

The health threat is real, be safe.

Jim Braun, Belfield


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