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Letter: GOP, Evangelical coalition dangerous

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How did the word “evangelical” become synonymous with Republicanism?

FDR envisioned that radio, a new media, could impact people’s lives, and thus he favored free air time for programs such as home making and religion. Eventually, this air space was bought by preachers who developed the megachurches. These megachurches, amassing millions through donations, became powerful and desired a seat at the table in government. Coalitions, such as the Moral Majority, felt the vessel to do this would be through the Republican Party.

After the destructive banking fiasco of the 1930s, conservatives recognized the party needed a better image, thus embraced the Evangelicals, which also added a powerful voting bloc.

This union meant that Evangelicals would embrace policies that were antithetical to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Evangelicals accepted corporate deregulation, worker suppression, anti-immigration, union busting, environmental exploitation, gerrymandering, the death penalty, voter suppression, and the military industrial complex instead of identifying with the economically marginalized.

They accepted these Neo liberal policies in exchange for railing against homosexuals, feminism, and abortion, while supporting white male supremacy, and a Christian theocracy.

Early Republicans were against slavery. Evangelicals brought to the Republican Party their belief in white supremacy. They opposed the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Civil Rights bill of 1964, and embraced Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” that successfully turned ordinary people into negrophobes. They switched parties whichever favored segregation or slavery.

Trump’s racist remarks and actions helped guarantee their devotion to him. This also explains why both Republicans and Evangelicals are antagonistic to Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory.

Many Evangelicals are good people who are unaware of the small, but powerful coalition that pushes this agenda, mainly from the Bible belt.

The gospel’s most dangerous adversary is not the atheist, but the Republican/Evangelical coalition that has modified and marginalized biblical truths.

Lillian Bachmeier, Mandan


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