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Letter: Destroy ignorance with facts, not hate

Letter: Destroy ignorance with facts, not hate

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Rod Kuhn's letter to the editor on June 30 was a load of misconceptions; but, whoever wrote him hate mail needs to learn that you can't beat the enemy by joining the enemy. If you want to destroy ignorance, you have to do it with facts and not join in on the hatred bandwagon.

The world's climate is changing. The western third of the nation is in a severe drought that is threatening our food supply, homes, lands and economy. The eastern third of the nation is in a too much rain situation with flooding common. We have earlier and more active hurricane seasons and record high temperatures being set almost every day somewhere. If we can't bring our weather back to more normal patterns we will have problems never experienced. Even if the world had not agreed to the CO2 cause of the problem; we would still have a problem that has to be solved. If Rod has another solution to the problem; please, bring it up.

Why would scientists and politicians want to “eliminate our way of life” as Rod claims they are? Where is the gain in that action? The gains for the fossil fuel industry for not changing are obvious.

Can building blocks of life be harmful? Sit inside a room with too much CO2 and find out. Experience the flood of 2011, as I did firsthand, and know that water can be destructive and deadly. Life is a balancing act that has gotten out of balance. Denying the problem won't solve it.

What “ideals” did Trump advance that, “built this great country”? What actions of Trump match the words of all the admired leaders of this country throughout our history or Christ (since Rod mentioned men of faith)? Talk is always cheap. Proof is nearly as beneficial as actions.

Eric Thompson, Bismarck


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