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Letter: Democrats encourage looting and violence

Letter: Democrats encourage looting and violence


Don’t believe your lying eyes. You haven’t seen any burning, looting, and rioting in our major cities night after night. It just hasn’t happened. What you have been witnessing is “peaceful protests.” Up until a few days ago that’s what the mass media and the Democrats have been telling you. In the four days of the Democratic National Convention the anarchy and mayhem orchestrated by Black Lives Matter was not mentioned a single time.

But now the narrative has changed. The denials of reality are no longer working. Biden and the Democrats are down in the polls – time to change the facts. Through some strange twist of convoluted logic, the riots are now Trump’s fault. Joe Biden said so, it therefore must be true. He recently threatened: “Does anyone believe there will be less violence in America if Donald Trump is reelected?” In other words: vote for me or we’ll burn down your town as well. VP candidate Kamala Harris has openly solicited contributions to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to bail out jailed black defendants accused of violent felonies and looting. They have already raised $35 million, so the Left is certainly well-funded. Of course, this has led to more chaos and violence on our city streets.

Most of the blame lies with state and local officials in Democratic controlled cites that were reluctant to quell the riots. They preferred their cities to burn rather than to defy their supporters. After all, Antifa and BLM are the storm troopers of the Democratic Party. 

Tom Hammerel, Bismarck


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