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Letter: Column proclaimed 'progressive dogma'

Letter: Column proclaimed 'progressive dogma'

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Bill Patrie (7/15) says theism is grounded only in the individual’s imagination. He claims one cannot know that God exists; one can only believe. In other words, reason or experience can offer no justification for belief in God or make the existence of God credible to someone else. In the end we are all trapped in our individual subjective states with no way to achieve agreement with others. If I say “God exists because…,” Patrie would reply, “Well, that’s just your opinion based on your repeated imaginings.” The perennial debate over God’s existence must have been a big waste of time. Apparently Socrates, Aquinas, Leibniz, et al were a bunch of morons.

And if belief in God is only a product of the imagination, so too are theistic moral teachings. They should not inform our country’s laws or justify defying the laws of the secular state. So much for thousands of years of moral tradition.

Patrie poses as a neutral secularist who operates above the religious fray. In reality he too is a religious partisan who attends the church of progressivism, our country’s dominant secular religion.

Whether emanating from Patrie-style subjectivism or the position of relativism, the idea that there are no objective or unchanging truths is progressive dogma. Never mind that the notion is self-refuting. It is an objective and unchanging truth that there are no objective and unchanging truths! Progressives insist this be taken as the beginning premise in any of the great cultural debates. If this is granted, then all moral questions become debatable and progressives win almost by default, especially if theistic-based arguments are automatically discounted or ruled inadmissible.

The “dictatorship of relativism” which Cardinal Ratzinger warned us about is here. I am waiving the BS card on Bill Patrie’s secularism.

David Crane, Mott


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