Letter: Baesler should not seek reelection

Letter: Baesler should not seek reelection


I’d like to address Ms. Kirsten Baesler, the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the highest level teacher and educational administrator in our state.

Ms. Baesler, the first thing you need to do is figure out the difference between a mistake and a choice. I make "mistakes" in my checkbook when I subtract sometimes. You made a "choice" to get in a car and endanger people’s lives the other night, and now you are quickly back-tracking with a bunch of “I’m sorries,” and “I need to get help and take care of myself.” You’re right. That’s the second thing you need to do. And the third thing you need to do is to withdraw your name for consideration for another term leading our esteemed educators in this state. And I make that statement as a retired veteran of the North Dakota public school system who has sat in meetings face to face with you.

Your behavior comes about a month after I had to read and hear in the news that the top law enforcement official in my county, someone who I respect, was charged with the same crime. Why are the people we entrust to lead us making such poor choices? Can we really trust you any longer? These are not mistakes, not when you ask us to help you rise to the level of authority you have, and then let us down in this way? Your behavior cannot be rewarded with the continued privilege of being the leader of North Dakota schools.

Jesse Krieger, Stanton


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