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Letter: Attack on Capitol should be alarming

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This is in response to Mr. Ron Carlson of Bismarck, who somehow believes that an attempt to take over our nation's government is no big deal.

If a foreign country were to invade our lands, and attempt to unseat our government, I'm certain that both Republicans and Democrats would stand together in solidarity against such an attack on our democracy. Our country stood together as a whole on 9/11, a day many of us will never forget. Why should the Jan. 6 insurrection be viewed any differently? Domestic terrorists invaded our Capitol, and attempted to forcefully change the results of a free and fair election.

I'm unsure how exactly you can compare BLM, and ANTIFA, two groups who have been fighting for equality for African Americans against a bunch of homegrown terrorists who attempted to take over our government. You need to evaluate why the fight for equal rights is more disturbing to you than an attempted coup on our nation. No matter what political party you may identify as, an attempted takeover of our nation's Capitol should be alarming to you no matter if the insurrectionists are Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian. If one group is allowed such actions without punishment, it sets a precedence other groups may do so in the future.

I will agree with you on one thing. There should be a congressional committee investigating BLM, and ANTIFA. That committee should be investigating why African Americans are not being treated the same as fellow white Americans simply because of the color of their skin. Then perhaps the committee you are proposing can create laws to fix the great injustices that many African Americans are facing.

I'd think that even you could see that an armed insurrection against the United States is a very big deal!

Pamela Adkins, Minot


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