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This letter is in regards to the illegal mineral grab by a lawsuit in North Dakota. Some of our family's land near the Missouri river was condemmed by the state so it could be flooded and become a part of Lake Sakakawea. This action requiring our land is understandable. What is outrageous is the fact that now, decades later, a lawsuit seeks our mineral rights as well.

The oil involved is under the ground and is in no way required by the state other than the fact the state wants the revenue from the oil.

Mineral rights are seperate from surface ownership. Taking one one does not mean that you get the other.

HB1199 was passed protecting our mineral rights from unjust confiscation but with a new frivolous lawsuit from two politicians, Marvin Nelson and Paul Sorum, we again have our liberties as private mineral owners under attack. This must stop.

Bob Grim, Austin, Texas