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I wish Krisanna Peterson would consider the ramification of her words prior to telling Christians how we are to act in respect to illegal immigrant families.

Does she practice what she preaches? Are her doors and windows open to any and all who show up and demand entrance? Is her bed open to all who want to use it? How about her kitchen, living spaces, vehicles?

Remember all the families that have lost family members to illegal aliens, murdered, raped and robbed, is she willing to put her family and herself at risk? Yet this is what she is asking us as a country to do.

What about our kids, the ones who get separated from their parents if their parents commit crimes, the ones who get separated when their parents deploy overseas, the ones who lose their jobs because some illegal does it cheaper, the ones that pay more taxes to house illegals, what about them?

As to “What would Jesus do” it is altogether possible he would read these parents the riot act for exposing their children to all the horrific experiences, including robberies, rapes, murders and drug usage they endured on the long trek to get here illegally.

Jesus never advocated for anyone to break any nation's laws; the foreigners mentioned in Exodus were legal ones, not illegal.

In Matthew 11:28 Jesus says, “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Not, “Go to America illegally and expect to be blessed by breaking the law.”

Huffington Post reported: In 2013 Barack Obama separated 72,410 children from their illegal immigrant parents who were deported. Why no outcry?

 Steven Moen, Minot

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