Sen. Heidi Heitkamp doesn’t fit the ordinary mold of partisan politicians. She rises above party lines — a thoughtful, statesmanlike view based upon what is good and moral. What has Heitkamp done? She's voted in favor of Justice Neil Gorsuch, defying her party’s counsel. She walks a middle line on energy development, balancing climate and health issues with energy production.

Farmers, workers, Native Americans know of her empathy and support because she shows it with cameras gone and campaigns over. Loyal and faithful to the people of North Dakota, when she makes a mistake she admits and apologizes. She would never give carte blanche to a president because that would limit her ability to carefully consider what is best and right for North Dakota.

In contrast, Rep. Kevin Cramer is a backslapper and blind follower although “I’m sure he is a very fine person.”

Some recent letters have chided Heitkamp for being strong. That is really the “pot calling the kettle black.” The president boorishly tweets daily his insults and cynicism, an attempt to blind us from his avaricious narcissism. Senate leader Mitch McConnell refused to hold hearings on well-qualified Merrick Garland's nomination. I'd prefer that Michelle Obama's stance of “when they go low, we go high” prevailed, but when dealing with bullies, confrontation and strength are needed.

Heitkamp is blamed for not defunding sanctuary cities, but what does that mean? Sanctuary cities are merely an attempt by local entities to control their own territories — for local law enforcement to decide upon detaining persons within their purview. That does not prevent them from acting in concert with federal law enforcement. What Heitkamp did was to vote for a bill that included federal funds for the cities preserving local control. None are in North Dakota, so it is a non-issue here. Heitkamp deserves our continued support.

Pat Grantier, Bismarck

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