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There are a couple of too frequent letter writers who spew out their view on how the world should be run from the extreme left. That's a lonesome crowd in the USA, unless you are from a sanctuary state.

They must have too much time on their hands and should get a new hobby, such as making yourself useful. Donate time to a good cause such as cleaning ditches, parks or streets in town.

Buy a TV that has more than one channel (CNN), like yours apparently has. Fox channel is watched by a huge majority of Americans as a fair and respected news channel.

The Tribune should follow the lead of a lot of newspapers, like the Fargo Forum. Letters that are a political missive, pushing a writer's endorsement or view, are charged a commercial advertising rate, to have them published.

Till then, they could be printed on the comics page, next to Mallard Fillmore. Quack, quack.

Marlan "Hawk" Haakenson, Bismarck