Eye-openers from Star Parker

Eye-openers from Star Parker


Star Parker serves up some eye-openers in her column.

On 9-23-19 she says that another writer is in a “time warp” because they say there is a central group in America “which is vast and has something neither way-left nor way-right has, and that is a motivating love for America itself…;” that love is too “plain vanilla” for Star. Love is too boring for Star? That is obvious if you notice that she closes with a plug for her “new book.” The real divide in America is between those who love and self-promote themselves and those who love their country and what it should stand for.

On 10-21-19 Star makes a case for tax credits or public vouchers for religious schools. She claims that parents should be able have their child, “learn the Ten Commandments,” or learn that marriage cannot be between two men or two women or learn that, “life is sacred from the beginning of its journey in the womb.” The Constitution forbids a state religion, even Christianity.

On 10-28-19 Star claims that Trump is delivering on a promise of a “free nation under God.” He is doing that through “deregulation, tax cuts and more conservative judges … and pro-life and pro-family values.” The first three items are freeing for the wealthy and a problem for the poor because they give more money to the wealthy and allow them to pollute at will. The last two make Christ look non-Christian because he had no children and explained that everyone who surrounded him was his family. She closes with a free nation lives according to biblical truths. Christ taught adherence to the original Commandments. That would include: no worship of graven images (money), no adultery, no lying, and no desire for what others have. Does that sound like Trump?

Eric Thompson, Bismarck


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