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An open letter to Sen. Heidi Heitkamp.

Sen. Heitkamp, I saw you high-5 Sen. Chuck Schumer after the defeat of the pain capable legislation whereby babies in the womb will continue to be dismembered and killed.

I'd like to know, Sen. Heitkamp, just exactly what you were celebrating when already millions of our most vulnerable have and continue to be exterminated. Is it death? Science does attest to the fact that these little ones can and do experience pain. Please explain to me what you were celebrating?

Each one of us has and do go through many stages of development from zygot, embryo, birth, infancy, toddler,etc.

Pregnancy is not always easy nor wanted. There is, however, help, lots of help for those in these difficult situations. First Choice clinics comes to mind.

It would nice if you, as a legislator, would look into these areas and pass laws that would bring forth help for those who reach out to aid both women and men experiencing unwanted pregnancies.

Now to me, life for the most vulnerable and smallest in our society would be something worth celebrating.

Rosemarie Birrenkott, Mandan