On Nov. 6 we will vote on Measure 1, an anti-corruption amendment to our state Constitution, which will create an “Ethics Commission.” North Dakota is one of nine states without an ethics commission to protect our democracy.

If passed, this measure will prohibit gifts, from lobbyists for special interests, who want public officials to vote for the lobbyists' special interest. A nonpartisan ethics commission will investigate ethics complaints, set ethics rules, and provide ethics training programs.

This measure will prohibit election spending by foreign corporations, countries and nationals.

It will ban the use of campaign contributions for personal expenses by candidates for office.

Lobbyists will not be able to give gifts to public officials. No free trips.

It will ban public officials from serving as lobbyists for two years after leaving office.

Conflict of interest rules will be strengthened for members of state agencies.

We have a democracy. I was honored to serve for many years in our state government. I believe we need an ethics commission.

Our North Dakota government must always be of, by and for the people of North Dakota. Measure 1 will help ensure that this will be so. Please vote yes on initiated anti-corruption Measure 1 to create an ethics commission, on Nov. 6.

Bruce Hagen, Bismarck

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