I was appalled to see in your paper on July 5 a cartoon image of a man worshiping a rifle with the caption (paraphrased) "The Leadership of America."

How dare you publish this opinion on the day after we Americans celebrate our independence from tyranny? The very reason we have the freedoms we enjoy and all the world seems to want, as they flood our borders to get in, is because brave patriotic Americans took these weapons and used them to defend our God-given rights. The Second Amendment was written for this very reason.

Every time you print your paper, thank a veteran who uses firearms, who risked their lives so that you can have gainful employment, printing your paper without government control. Firearms are used between 500,000 and 3 million times a year by civilians to fight off criminal attacks. If you don't personally want to own a gun, please don't. But don't you dare tell the rest of us that we are not allowed to defend ourselves or our loved ones.

As for our leaders worshiping guns, we worship God. "In God We Trust." If we have to use guns to fight off our enemies, then so be it. Our God is a jealous God who forbids us from worshiping anyone or anything else.

You owe an apology to all our defenders of the Constitution including the president, the NRA and all military and police personnel. If not for them, there would be no "Independence Day" to celebrate. If you don't like this country or its Constitution, then please leave. You are free to go.

Eric Nikiforoff, Mandan

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