Do oil opponents have an alternative?

Do oil opponents have an alternative?


I guess I shouldn’t be surprised any longer when I hear liberals advocating to get rid of flatulent cows, coal, oil, airplanes, etc. With what do they propose to replace oil, for example? Actually, I believe they know that’s not going to happen, but they don’t want us to know that. There are things I don’t like about oil production either, such as putting a refinery close to national parks and salt water spills. And I hate plastic. Actually, it’s not the plastic itself, I guess, as it is those who dispose of it in our oceans. I have read that there’s a way to make plastic using corn. That plastic is biodegradable over time, unlike today’s plastic. Although corn plastic takes a long time to degrade, I would think chemists could find a solution to that.

However, there are 6,000 products made from petroleum. For every 42 gallon barrel of oil, only 19.4 gallons of gasoline is made. The rest makes things like: paint, motor oil, floor wax, ink, insecticides, nail polish, tires, perfumes, shoe polish, antiseptics, soap, shoes, antihistamines, deodorant, panty hose, dyes, refrigerant, fertilizers, lipstick, dice, aspirin, antifreeze, lotions, toothbrushes, detergents, heart valves, crayons, artificial limbs, fan belts, golf balls, dentures, footballs, toothpaste, candles, parachutes, and every kind of plastic imaginable, from toy cars to cameras to phones. There are thousands more.

Is anyone talking about this? So my question to those who want to get rid of that “nasty” petroleum, what’s the solution? I would really be interested in ways to get rid of cow flatulence. Maybe Beano would work.

Erlys Paul, Bismarck


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