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As the media relations director for the city of Leith and the editor of Grant County ND News I am responding to your editorial titled "Leith needs to put Cobb behind them."

I have covered the Leith saga from the beginning both as a filmmaker and the Leith website developer.

Although you are entitled to your opinion you have one important fact wrong.

That fact is Mayor Ryan Schock did not circulate the petition, but rather citizen Schock did. The city council also had nothing to do with the petition.

This can be documented in the video of the latest city council meeting that I took and have always taken of council meetings since August 2013.

Schock and myself have never stated in writing or on camera that Michael Bencz and Deby Nelson are white supremacists.

However, it is a fact that the mainstream news media are the ones that have put that misnomer into print and on television.

While the Leith website no longer exists, I have moved all of the articles, editorials, photos and videos over to the Grant County ND News website for those who wish to learn about the danger of letting Nazi sympathizers and Craig Cobb followers take over the city council with hopes that Cobb will return one day.

Bencz and Nelson are also the ones that filed the charges and eventually brought suit against the city of Leith for demolishing the house they were trying to buy from Cobb that he gave to the city to get out of jail.

That suit was denied so they sued Schock instead and that suit was eventually dismissed.

This is the path Bencz and Nelson have consistently chosen to divide the town once again.

Leith must be dissolved to bring peace and preserve its legacy.

Gregory Bruce, Leith