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Supply and demand, that is what makes capitalism function. When a CEO justifies his outrageous salary supply and demand is always the reply. However, in the trucking industry, the food service industry and so many other industries corporations will do everything in their power to avoid paying people when there is a shortage of people.

Rather than pay a decent wage immigrants and green card workers are the solution. Rather than pay people they are offered a one-time bonus to join the plantation. While CEO salaries have outpaced inflation in a staggering fashion, the wages of the average worker have fallen far behind. All the gains from the increased productivity go to the CEO and the stockholders, the workers just go backward.

In past times the answer to this dilemma was to give workers bargaining power, but the Republicans have very successfully destroyed unions, and union rights. Republicans have taken us from a position of leadership in the world to the status of a third world country. Republican economics has divided the country into those who have, and those who don’t. Sadly 90 percent now suffer to enable the greed of the top 10 percent.

Adding insult to injury, Republicans are doing their best to destroy the social safety nets for the working class by destroying Social Security, health care and even education. Don’t worry, each of us will win the lottery and our foolish Republican vote will be justified.

Mike Quinn, Hazen