The area where the proposed Davis Refinery is to be located in Billings County used to be a prime producer of agriculture products. Corn, wheat and soybeans were planted and harvested over the years. It was a joy to watch the many seasons as I drove by the area the past 30 years.

In July 2018, this 700 acres of rich, black soil was ripped up and piled into enormous berms and left vacant to grow weeds. The weeds were hard to control because of the contour of the land left by the huge earth moving machines. Now the land is vacant, the machines are idle and two years of crops aren’t accounted for.

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A decision needs to be made, soon, to get this land back to producing, whether that would be responsible industrial or agricultural. What is happening with Meridian Energy Group? So far, all that they have produced is a big scar on some beautiful, once productive land. This does not show that they are being a responsible company.

Laura Grzanic, Belfield

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