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North Dakota’s Congressman Kevin Cramer says keeping children in chain link cages is no different than being on a playground. When I pointed out the absurdity of his statement, he mobilized his staff and surrogates to personally attack me online, on talk radio, and now has had a staffer write a false and defamatory letter about me and had it published in my hometown newspaper.

To be clear, Cramer’s staff are desperately trying to distance the congressman from his indefensible words. They are desperate enough to attack a private citizen and constituent, trying to make this about anything – or anyone – else.

To Cramer and his staff: I stand with the majority of North Dakotans, and Americans, who think families belong together and children do not belong in chain link cages. I will not be afraid to stand up to you or any of your staffers should they come for me again. I will not be bullied into silence.

Ondine Baird, Bismarck