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We don't realize how lucky we are! That Hillary Clinton wasn't elected president! If you think the D.C. swamp is deep now, if she was president the swamp would cover every state in the union. She wanted to be the first woman president.

This woman has been in public life for decades and yet she has accomplished nothing. She served as U.S. senator from New York, but did not propose a single important piece of legislation. Her record is literally a blank slate.

The Hillary Clinton Democrats want to complete the stealing of America. That has already come a long way in the Barack Obama years, progress toward the goal of complete seizure and control. This is what Democrats mean when they use the word progressive.

They have gone from taking everything from some people to taking something from everyone to their final goal taking everything from everyone. Let's thank our lucky stars that Donald Trump was elected president. Look how he has moved America forward, in such a short time he's been in office.

Americans have taken pride in our country, and has long been viewed as a embarrassment, by global elite, something Trump tapped into with small but meaningful gestures as his red Make America Great Again hat. We are on our way. And we won't stop.

Albert Vallarano, Bismarck