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I am a Century High School graduate from 2017 and I am responding to your article about the teacher, Gregg Schmidt, in your Jan. 24 paper. It was very upsetting to me and hundreds of other CHS students. This was clearly a hit piece by an administration that is too politically correct.

I had him as a history teacher and he was one of the best instructors I’ve ever had. He is kindhearted and charismatic and I am 100 percent certain he did not intend to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

Schmidt is a trustworthy guy who works hard to connect with all kids and prepare them for their futures. He has a personality unlike the “robotic” type of teachers the Bismarck Public School administration seems to prefer. I recently got over 200 students to support Schmidt in a letter I sent to BPS administration. Many shared stories of how he was their favorite teacher, and even how he counseled and helped suicidal kids.

The items in his class were simply gifts from past students as jokes and most people found them funny. They were in his room for many years, so if BPS administration had a problem with them, why didn’t they have him remove them years ago? Also, I never experienced any inappropriate assignments and none of my hundreds of friends have either.

The problem today is a few very vocal “snowflakes” make lots of noise because they are overly sensitive. It’s sad that these children and parents have attempted to ruin an awesome guy’s name and life. As you can see, there is clearly another side to this issue that was not presented in your article.

Sidney Mann, Bismarck