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This letter is intended as an admonishment to Justin Smith of Fargo for his letter of Jan. 30. I find it difficult to express my outrage at your accusations against Carson Wentz. Since when is it OK to single out one player to chastise for the conduct of fans?

While many Philadelphia fans lack class because of their often disrespectful and unruly behavior, for you to say there is nothing classy about Wentz simply means that you have no idea who he is or what he stands for. Furthermore, you should know that every team, including the Philadelphia Eagles, has a coordinator who represents the team as it coordinates with stadium security and local law enforcement to handle unruly fans.

When fans do not exercise good judgment by respecting the rights of others, the coordinator is the person who should speak out and demand that law enforcement do their job. However, it is good to remember that you can't paint an entire group of people with the same paintbrush because the Mike Zimmer Foundation received nearly $11,000 in donations from Eagles fans with "heartfelt apologies" for how Vikings fans were treated.

So, for you to blame Wentz for the bad behavior of fans is ludicrous. Wentz is a fierce yet humble competitor; a guy who launched his “Audience of One” foundation whose mission is to demonstrate the love of God by providing support for the less fortunate; a guy who is gracious and kind; a guy who off the field isn't flashy because as he says, "In North Dakota, we don't care for flash or dazzle. That's not our game. We don't do things the fanciest way. We do them the right way."

And, that, Justin Smith, is the essence of Carson Wentz.

Jackie Adams, Bismarck