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President Donald Trump wants to arm teachers with guns, so they can protect their pupils. That is spineless nonsense.

Most bullets fired by police officers miss their targets. During the pandemonium, of students escaping, how do you stop a shooter, with an assault rifle without accidentally shooting pupils? Police might mistakenly shoot the armed teachers.

During a White House meeting, Samuel Zeif, a Parkland, Fla., student survivor, told Trump what happened in Australia. It fell on cowardly ears.

In 1996, a man drove to a recreational area and using an AR-15 military-style rifle, killed 35 people. Within weeks, the conservative Australian government banned those types of weapons. Australia has always been a land of roughneck pioneers, Outback settlers and Crocodile Dundee-type figures and a land of legendary toughness and self-reliance, but Australians were sick of prior shooting sprees.

What happened after the assault weapons ban? Australians still-hunted with shotguns and bolt-action rifles. Australian independence didn’t end. Invaders never arrived. School shootings went to zero.

Sixty-nine percent of Americans want stricter gun laws. The only thing preventing this from happening is the National Rifle Association’s stranglehold on unprincipled, weak-kneed congressional politicians, of both parties, who take campaign money from the NRA. However, the stonewalling cowardice of Trump’s Republican Party considerably surpasses the Democratic Party’s NRA handouts.

As a retired high school educator, I’m proud of those hundreds of thousands of students who are involved in the “March for Our Lives” movement that is working to implement significant gun legislation.

Many are 18, or soon will be and they will vote in November’s midterm election and other elections to come. The young are filled with a passionate solidarity for a better future, where they can safely raise their families. It is time to let them lead; they are our future.

Larry Larsen, Mandan