Attacks on press threaten democracy

Attacks on press threaten democracy


Sunday’s letter from David Nehring demands an answer to his vicious attack on the Tribune and Gary Adkisson. Where he sees chaos, divisiveness, and attacks on his (Nehring) way of thinking, I see some balance. If you watch Fox news, or CNN news exclusively, you will not find balance, only one-sided unbalanced opinions with “agenda-style” reporting. I want to know as much of both sides as possible and come to my own conclusions. Thankfully, yours is not the only opinion to be considered.

Attacks on Trump are universal and deserved. You talk about “moral compass.” Whose “moral compass”? Yours? Do you really believe Trump has our best interest at heart, or his ultra rich friends? He is not a Republican as the GOP once represented. Trump does not understand what he is doing to our country and apparently neither does Nehring.

The attacks on the press is an attack against our constitution, our country, and our Democracy! We need to know this: the information I get from the Bis/Trib along with a balanced reporting on state and local issues, health, weather, and wide range of opinions from local and national writers is an important part of what I think and how I vote.

Connie Bye, Bismarck


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