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Letter: Insulted by Measure 2

Letter: Insulted by Measure 2


As a Reagan Republican (yes, I volunteered and campaigned for Reagan while in college), I am insulted by Measure 2. I take a morally conservative view of politics and am disgusted by the leftist progression of the North Dakota GOP. I cannot understand why Republicans abandoned their conservative principles to enhance a leftist nanny state government.

So, to understand the motives behind support for Measure 2, I’ve come up with nine reasons to vote yes on Measure 2:

1. You believe voters are now too dumb to be trusted to vote on a constitutional ballot.

2. You believe history shows how badly voters have mutilated the State Constitution.

3. You believe that it might happen that voters will mutilate the State Constitution.

4. You believe the legislature is smart enough to protect dumb voters from themselves.

5. You believe the legislature doesn’t have enough to do and so it must bloat its corporate duties.

6. You believe the state doesn’t have enough ways to spend your money, so paying the Legislative Council, staffers, and lawmakers to educate voters is a good use of your money.

7. You believe voters are too easily swayed by outside influences, but that it is OK for lawmakers to take campaign money from outside sources.

8. You believe the legislature must always protect voters from the “what if” eventualities that might happen.

9. You are a member of the GOP supermajority elite and you follow the lead of the party into liberal philosophy.

If those are not your beliefs, then I urge you to vote no on Measure 2.

Mike Kopp, Wilton


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