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Staying away from any political talk in my column was difficult, but since this will come out after the election, congratulations are in order. You fought a tough campaign and we hope you do a good job, whoever you are.

Now that you are an elected official, here are some things we need from you. Signs on the traffic lights. When it snows and the painted road signs are covered, I don’t know if I’m in the correct lane. I don’t know if I am going north or south and the locals in the area using that street every day are annoyed with my one-time appearance. Also, what happened to getting the mufflers on cars and trucks quieter; please tell me they aren’t going with the free speech argument. Being jolted awake at 2 a.m. by a monster truck driver who is overcompensating for something is ruining my beauty sleep.

Now, what the state really needs is a rail system. One of those high-speed ones and please, somehow make it pay for itself; I don’t want another ¼-cent tax. I know the expanse of North Dakota is a beautiful landscape of prairie and, well, more prairie, but when you want to get to Fargo in a hurry wouldn’t it be nice to hop on a train to get there? I’d even allow a quick stop in Jamestown on two days a week, maybe. I know someone must pay for it and run it and make it happen. Is it too much to dream? And when we do dream, must someone always be there to remind us of the cost and how no one will use it?

Oh, and how about not spending money? Hold on, I know, you got this new job and with the new job you might have a budget to spend on your buddy’s new multi-million-dollar project that is suddenly lined up and ready to go. It seems quite odd that all that fell into place so quickly, but I know you are an elected official and what could possibly go wrong? In the meantime, let’s get a study going to find out the possible effects of doing something and the cost/benefit of doing it and see if the public will go for it. Maybe in a survey/poll of just friends and relatives to hopefully push the idea forward. I am sure that never happens.

In summary, congrats on your win. I’m going to miss all those ads, fliers, signs, stickers, pamphlets, pins, emails and guilt-filled reminders. Now you’ll have to excuse me; I have to deal with the winner of the election and try to protect my ¼-cent tax that might go for a possible pet project. Come on speedy rail!

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The occasional musician, songwriter, comedian and traveler, Robert Dixon lives in Bismarck with his wife and has four grown children.