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Speaking out: Represent us all correctly

Speaking out: Represent us all correctly


Last Saturday, on the same day that Joe Biden was named president-elect, a group of Trump supporters showed up at the Capitol grounds in Bismarck. Apparently, the rally was coordinated online like what has taken place in many other states. Local media reported about 300 people there, some holding signs to express their support for “four more years” and “stop the steal.” It is their right to show support for the current president and the slim possibility of retaining office for another term.

I do not agree the election was stolen from Donald Trump. You may remember that in 2016, Trump said that election was rigged -- even after he won. Just because he says this over and over again does not make it true. There has been no evidence presented so far that supports his claims; which is why I am so disappointed that all three of our congressional representatives showed up at the rally on Saturday – none of whom, apparently, encouraged people to have trust in our election system. A system that has been working for hundreds of years. Even more disappointing is what they did say.

“North Dakota is Trump country and it’ll continue to be Trump country long after this president serves, whether that is January or four years or whenever that occurs,” said Rep. Kelly Armstrong, according to KFYR news.

Mr. Armstrong, you were elected to represent the citizens of North Dakota: ALL of the citizens, not just the Republican ones. You are not doing the job you were asked to do. The House of the Representatives is the house of the people. Many in our state do not accept that this is "Trump country." They would most likely prefer that this is "our state" and "our country." It is a shame you feel the need to keep pushing for Trump. That is not why you were elected. Do not take for granted the position you hold; things can change.

Sens. Hoeven and Cramer, by your presence at the rally, you were supporting the dangerous rhetoric that this election process is not to be trusted. Additionally, I waited the last four years for you to publicly stand up against the insanity coming from the White House. Whatever hold the president or the Republican Party has over you, I hope you break out of it and do your job for all North Dakotans.

To the people who supported Trump, put down your signs and put your energy toward building a case for electing another Republican president in four years, if that is what you want. Let this one go. He has done your party no favors. You can still keep your beliefs and values while separating yourself from this dysfunctional man. As I have said before, when you are ready to talk policy, we can talk. For the love of country, let’s make America sane again.

The occasional musician, songwriter, comedian and traveler, Robert Dixon lives in Bismarck with his wife and has four grown children.


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