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Gary Adkisson: Election fraud saga has interesting twist

Gary Adkisson: Election fraud saga has interesting twist


Most of you likely will recall that one of the central figures in the Nixon-era Watergate scandal was G. Gordon Liddy.

Liddy, a former FBI agent, led Nixon's White House Plumbers, a covert investigative unit.

After serving a prison sentence, Liddy became a noted author and speaker. He also had a top-rated radio talk show for several years.

The 89-year-old hadn’t crossed my mind in years, but I was reminded of him this week when I read about one of President Trump’s lawsuits.

As I read about his Arizona lawsuit being heard Tuesday morning, where his lawyers claimed thousands of ballots should be examined for fraud, I was struck by the name of the attorney defending the election.

After a bit of back and forth with the civil division chief of the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, the judge agreed that rather than thousands, there were actually only 180 ballots that deserved review. Both parties agreed that a review of those ballots may benefit Trump or Biden.

The hearing on those ballots was to take place yesterday, Thursday. And as I am writing this, the hearing has not concluded.

We will know the outcome soon enough. But what piqued my interest in the case was not as much the issue at hand -- as it is inconsequential to the outcome of the race -- but who is defending the election officers.

The Maricopa County attorney is none other than G. Gordon Liddy’s son, Tom.

Tom served in the Marines after college and was commissioned a second lieutenant. He was active duty for four years and then served as a reserve for 10 more.

After law school he held various roles in the Republican Party including deputy counsel for the Republican National Committee. He also has run for Congress in Arizona as a Republican.

The story in Georgia is not a lot different. No, G. Gordon Liddy doesn’t have a son involved in that case, but like Tom Liddy, Georgia also has a Republican who is pushing back on the fraud allegations.

Brad Raffensperger was hand-picked by Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp to succeed him as secretary of state. Kemp, as we all know, is an avid Trump supporter.

But Raffensperger has his own Republican street cred, having served as a state representative with a very conservative voting record.

Raffensperger identifies himself as a born-again Christian and is an active member of Andy Stanley’s church. Stanley, of course, is the son of long time fundamentalist preacher Charles Stanley.

So Tom Liddy and Raffensperger are both adamantly arguing that there is no evidence of fraud in this election in their respective states, both of which have been reliably Republican for decades.

Folks, we would be hard-pressed to find two men with stronger ties, both personally and professionally, to the Republican Party and Republican ideals than Liddy and Raffensperger, and both are adamant that the elections in their state were fair and without fraud.

If this is a Democrat conspiracy to win this election, it is indeed the worst-planned plot since Watergate.

Gary Adkisson is publisher of The Bismarck Tribune.


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