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New in Leith

White supremacist Craig Cobb is shown with supporters, right to left, Mike Spence of Goodrich, Albert Borgmann of Minot and Kynan Dutton of Oregon, who arrived to help him create an all-white community in Leith.

LEITH — Two more white supremacists arrived in Leith on Tuesday, one of them setting up a tent and the other there to lend moral support to the movement.

Mike Spence of Goodrich and Albert Borgmann of Minot say they are the latest residents to help Craig Cobb create an all-white enclave in the tiny town.

Cobb, a neo-Nazi and hate crimes fugitive, who quietly bought up property in Leith, said others will be arriving this weekend, pulling at least one trailer to live in.

Borgmann said he plans to stay in Leith to do “what needs to be done.” Spence said he’ll return frequently to see to it that Cobb is allowed the right “to have an all-white town.”

Cobb meanwhile said he’ll keep packing beds in his house and basement if he has to to make room for other white supremacists and gain a voting majority.

He said he defies efforts by the Leith City Council to hold illegal meetings to enact a moratorium on any building or trailers.

“What are they going to do, haul us into FEMA camps?” Cobb said Wednesday.

Kynan Dutton, a member of the National Socialist Movement, formerly the American Nazi Party, also is living in Cobb’s house with two of his children, ages 4 and 5.

Dutton was forcibly removed by law enforcement from a Leith City Council meeting Friday. He was screaming, cursing and shouting racial slurs and Grant County Sheriff Steve Bay said Dutton was “pretty drunk.” Bay’s office is investigating possible charges of disorderly conduct.

The meeting was video taped and Dutton’s tirade has been viewed by hundreds of thousands through a website.

Bay said he and Social Services have been checking on the children, who remained with Dutton when Deborah Dutton left with three older children after getting gas money from people in Leith on Saturday morning.

Bay said neither he nor the county agency found reason to intervene in the children’s situation.

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Cobb said officials only want to file charges against Dutton in order to remove his children.

Dutton said Wednesday he didn’t want to be interviewed, but he did say the incident was a mistake.

“When a person is tense, it comes to a breaking point. It’s not going to happen again,” he said.

He did say the tension comes from being shunned, denied the ability to buy groceries and other goods in stores around Leith and having people throw things at him and make “underhanded” comments in front of his children. He said his status with the NSM party is no one’s business. Bay said a representative of the NSM said the party disapproves of Dutton’s conduct and plans to remove him.

Cobb said he’s continuing to test his rights, including whether the New Leipzig Meals on Wheels program will provide him a $3 lunch as it does for other senior citizens.

The Leith City Council plans to meet Sunday to hold a second reading on a building moratorium. Its website says it is looking for financial help to hire security for its meetings.

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