FARGO — If you feel the need to birddog Carson Wentz a bit more.

If All Carson All The Time is an appealing option for your life.

Then Amazon.com has the store for you.

The Carson Wentz Store@amazon.com will sell you all the hunting and fishing gear you need to be just as outdoorsy as Carson Wentz - just without the cannon for an arm, the crazy quick footwork, or multi-zillion-dollar NFL quarterback salary.

A quick look at the online Wentz-O-Rama indicates the former North Dakota State University Bison and current Philadelphia Eagles star won’t be focusing on glamping.

Carson’s crib away from his crib is apparently a Coleman tent, with room for four at $151.99 and room for six at $173.86.

That’s pretty reasonable considering the guy signed a four-year $128 million contract extension with the Philadelphia Eagles earlier this year.

Other items available, if you have your credit card handy, include:

A dozen Jack Link’s beef steak strip bars, tree stands, chest waders, multi tools, pocket knives, chest waders, rifle scopes, blinds, archery targets and arrows, fishing rods, fishing line, trolling motors, fish finders, clay target tossers and plenty more.

“I’m so passionate about the outdoors. It brings about some of the most amazing memories and bonds with friends that I will carry for the rest of my life,” Amazon quotes Wentz as saying.

There are also links that will take you to web pages for Smith & Wesson and the Philadelphia Eagles fan shop, for those who believe the best way to camouflage themselves is wearing an Eagles football team jersey in midnight green, with a white number 11 front and back.

In a video on the web page, Wentz is pictured in the woods, his tent set up, a fire roaring away, whittling some wood while the camera plays over a cooler topped with an outdoor light, cups and other assorted gear. Two retrievers sit with him. Neither one is acting like it pooped on his sleeping bag or ate the last of the unguarded Jack Link’s bars.

Thanks to the miracle of time-lapse photography, the dawn breaks a few seconds later and you see Carson climbing into a tree stand pulling his archery kit up.

“So here’s the deal. This is what I love to do. I love being in the woods. I love the outdoors. I love hunting, fishing, and if you do, too, we’ve got something for you.”

Wentz is not the only celebrity who loves the outdoors.

When Jeremy Renner isn’t playing Hawkeye and firing a prodigious amount of arrows from his never-ending quiver in Marvel universe movies, he is also hawking outdoors goods on his Amazon Jeremy Renner store.

Renner’s store also includes a wide range of gear, including compound bows, which should sell well if there’s an alien invasion that needs to be stopped. Renner’s store also includes touches that may be considered more Hollywood than backwoods, including a portable power station and an ozone air purifier.

There’s also the wider Celebrity Store, including a Martha Stewart shop.

While Stewart’s store doesn’t sell hunting and fishing equipment, you can be assured that if it did, all of the equipment would match, be appropriate for the season, and there would be tips for tastefully field dressing a deer and perhaps recipes for 30-minute pumpkin spice pheasant jerky.

In addition to his Amazon store, Wentz, like plenty of other big-time athletes, has been piling up the endorsement deals.

Wentz is the sportsy and outdoorsy face of regional sporting, hunting and outdoors goods supplier Scheels, with commercials featuring the football star stocking up on Eagles gear and hunting supplies with his retriever buddies.

BlackRidgeBANK also scored a coup when it signed him to be a spokesperson.

A Scheels executive said Wednesday, Sept. 18, that Scheels was well aware of the Amazon deal.

“We have a great, long-standing relationship with Carson Wentz and they have been very open with us from the beginning,” said Marcus Thornton, the firm’s chief marketing officer and vice president of marketing.

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Wentz has also inked deals with SITKA Gear (hunting gear), Bose, and Northeast U.S. energy supplier NRG.

Kevin Martin, a sports agent with JCK sports group, said most athletes he works with start out with four to six endorsement projects, and add to their portfolios as their careers progress.

“A guy, early in his career, … you want to keep it small to moderate because you don’t want to overextend yourself and have the production fall,” Martin said.

After all, getting released from a team due to subpar performance means endorsement deals can disappear.

“As they become veterans, they can usually manage their time pretty well. They have a routine, they know what they need to do. They’re not going to miss workouts and they know how to manage their time,” Martin said.

Some veterans may have 25 to 30 deals, particularly if they don’t have to physically be present in different parts of the country, he said.

But no matter what, the product and the player have to be a match. Endorsing outdoors products is smart if you’re an outdoorsman. A mistake if you are not.

“It has to align with your message as a player,” Martin said. Otherwise, “the consumer at the end of the day will see right through that.”

That isn’t a problem for Wentz, for whom hunting is a passion.

Wentz and his brother, Zach, star in an Outdoor Channel reality show called “Wentz Bros Outdoors.”

Wentz has also gone hunting with Eagles superfan and two-time American League MVP Mike Trout.

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