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Are politicians an outdated concept?

Look how long it's taking politics to get anything done. This Congress has sat on several bills, bills that affect the working lives of the people. The most we got from our politicians is blabbering about what they will do, and do nothing.

That's what we get from the current-day political speeches and rhetoric.

Maybe there was a time when political culture seemed to keep up with the pace of innovation. If so, those times are long gone. What do you think the government has done for us in recent years? Obamacare.

Look at the evolution of commercial society and how it is bringing us unprecedented bounty. The digital sector of emergent, market-generated, people-driven, technology-fueled innovation is fulfilling human aspirations and spreading useful services to people in all walks of life.

National borders seem even more arbitrary, surprises await us around every corner. Our political systems can claim credit for none of it, and yet we are being asked to turn to politicians to drive progress. Our political system doesn't adapt well to change. It's designed specifically to make change very hard.

That's why we're stuck with so many outdated practices from as far back to the Lincoln era. Think about it — the idea of sending someone to represent you is a pretty outdated idea. We don't lack the ability to correspond any more, technology exists, we don't use it.

There's no reason any able-bodied citizen couldn't represent him or herself in government. The technology exists, we just aren't using it. Think about how much we would save, eliminating salaried positions, especially Marco Rubio, who never goes to work. Think how much we could get accomplished politically if we got all the lobbying out and gave more control to the citizens, and replaced politicians with robots.

Albert Vallarano, Bismarck


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