Nation needs a Romney presidency

Nation needs a Romney presidency


The $16 trillion federal debt, the long-struggling economy and persistent high unemployment drive the Tribune’s presidential endorsement for Mitt Romney.

America needs a president who will free the economy — a job maker.

The nation can best meet that challenge with a president who believes in business and the primacy of free enterprise — one who can restore fiscal order for our families, main street and the nation. The Tribune Editorial Board believes that Romney would be that president.

The presidency has become an issue of leadership. President Barack Obama has lost the confidence and respect of most of the nation’s business and industry leaders. His administration has created an environment of policy and regulatory uncertainty that has restrained job creation. It has left too many Americans out of work for too long. It has put families and retired citizens at increased financial risk.

Romney would remove the uncertainty that restrains the businesses from expanding and creating jobs. He would work to reduce unnecessary federal regulation, cooling off the zeal of federal agencies bent on replacing state authority with their own.

The nation needs a fiscal plan for the future: One that reduces burdensome federal debt and moves toward a balanced budget without harming truly vulnerable citizens who depend upon or earned government support. Experience with the Obama administration has taught us that the nation is more likely to get that plan with Romney.

Health care reform must be seen in the light of the country’s fiscal condition. “Obamacare” has increased access to health care and expanded available benefits without controlling costs; it’s a prescription for more deficit spending and an even higher level of federal indebtedness. Plans from Romney and his vice presidential running mate Paul Ryan go toward controlling health care costs.

The nation will get reasonable reforms in Medicare and Social Security with Romney in the White House, while the Obama administration has avoided making tough decisions in these critical areas.

While Obama did become president in a tough time in the nation’s economic history, the nation needs to move beyond bailouts and stimulus and rely more on less government.

Time and time again, the Obama administration has made choices that work against North Dakota. The president has refused the permit for the Keystone Pipeline. The Environmental Protection Agency under Obama’s watch has run against the grain of North Dakota’s good sense. The Obama administration has become a part of the problem rather than part of the solution for American families and retired citizens who count on a vigorous marketplace.

The American people have become dangerously divided and polarized over the past four years, disastrously so. It’s critically important that the next president be able to heal this national division, and Romney is best suited to making that happen.

Mitt Romney can restore fiscal order to our families, to main street and to the nation, with less government and a certain course. He can bring America back together again.


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