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Kimber Garrey

Society needs to choose another path

Kimber Garrey

Kimber Garry is student at South Central High School in Bismarck. She is shown with her housecat, Fernando.

We all wonder what society is going to be like in five, 10, even 20 years from now. What expectations do I have for society throughout my lifetime?

I believe our society will take a turn for the worse. Our economy will collapse, people will start to not care anymore. Everyone will start to treat our beautiful planet worse than they already do and keep sucking all the nutrients out of Mother Earth. We already pollute enough and no one really blinks an eye, so I believe it’ll just get more and more hectic and out of control.

Most don’t recycle, so why would they start now? I like technology but I think in some aspects it’s getting out of hand. It’s wonderful for science, the medical field and some environmental projects. What happens when it progresses to robots? Our society in maybe 10 years could be replaced and ruled by robots. No one will have a job, robots will be taking care of everything and anything; we wouldn’t be needed.

I believe our world could crumble and burn to the ground if we keep treating it the way we do. No one’s caring about the environment, but everyone’s worried about the new iPhone coming out. All these little kids are not playing outside but inside on their tablets.

I think we’re going down the wrong road as a society. If we make changes, we could save ourselves. Less phones, more recycling. Less complaining, more tree planting. No sitting inside on a beautiful day. Get outside, pick up trash, grow a garden, put some love back into the Earth and make it beautiful again. We are destroying our planet, and some of us are too caught up in life and too ignorant to realize this is happening.

In conclusion, I think our society will fail if we don’t change our ways very soon and don’t start caring about the earth. Mother Nature doesn’t need us, we need Mother Nature.



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