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A roundabout is slated for implementation at the intersection of North Dakota Highway 1804 and North Washington Street in Bismarck, with a February 2019 bid letting expected.

On Monday, the Burleigh County Commission learned the appraisals to acquire the right of way necessary to complete the project, which is a joint undertaking of the county and the North Dakota Department of Transportation, came in at $900,000, compared to the county-budgeted $100,000.

“I don’t necessarily totally agree with the way the appraisals were done so I did have those submitted over to the DOT to have their people review those appraisals also,” said Marcus Hall, county engineer. “We did agree that the number is high, but it is substantiated by the information that is backed in that particular report.”

Commissioners stated they were shocked to see the $800,000 difference.

“I hate to see the per-acre price on that,” Commissioner Jerry Woodcox said. “It’s got to be ungodly.”

In July, the NDDOT hit the brakes on the roundabout citing safety issues in the form of right-turn slip lanes, which provide an additional point of interaction. The issue has since been resolved, and the project is moving forward.

“I think we’ve come to some good resolutions and everything that the county board was asking for we did receive eventually,” Hall said, noting the county’s overall share on the project is “a lot” less than first anticipated.

The paving of North Washington Street from 57th Avenue Northwest to Highway 1804 will tie into the roundabout project.

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