Temporary mini-roundabouts and pedestrian curb extensions on the 400 block of First Street Northwest and Main Street are being installed today as part of a North Dakota Department of Transportation’s ND Moves Pop-up Demonstration Project.

Four intersections were selected for the project based on recommendations from the recently completed downtown subarea study. John Van Dyke, city planner, said the new designs are intended to make the intersections more pedestrian-friendly while keeping vehicular traffic moving.

While First Street is traditionally a quiet street, events closing Main Street change First Street into a major corridor for  pedestrians and vehicles. 

These projects provide the chance for area residents to experience what an otherwise permanent installation would be like. The public is encouraged to test the areas and provide feedback between now and mid-August.

A survey is available for individuals experiencing the projects as both drivers and pedestrians. The link can be found at www.cityofmandan.com/demonstrationproject. Businesses in the project areas also will receive a survey to complete.

Paint was used on the projects because of the temporary nature. The mini-roundabouts allow firetrucks and other large vehicles to drive over them while most vehicles are expected to drive around them. The roadway intersections will return to normal in mid-August.

Demonstration projects are low-cost, offer the public an experience in order to provide constructive feedback and help determine whether or not to move forward with possible permanent changes if funding became available.

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