Mandan City Commissioner Dennis Rohr announced Monday he will seek a third four-year term.

“I have a lot of historical insight into Mandan in terms of how we’ve progressed over the years,” he said. “Right now, there are some really important projects and issues that are forthcoming that need attention.”

As the current holder of the police portfolio assignment, Rohr said one matter he’d like to address is employee turnover within the city’s police department.

“We have issues with the police department in retaining and keeping people. We have a good department ... the issue has to do with the benefits we provide. We need to do something to keep people,” said Rohr, who was the former Mandan police chief for 23 years before retiring in 2007.

He holds the portfolio assignments for fire, parking authority and Morton County planning and zoning, as well.

Rohr said he’d like to see better coordination between local government entities — city, county, park and school.

“We are taxing entities and we all go after the taxpayer dollars. Sometimes, we each have projects we want to do that distract from the others. We need to get these taxing entities together and look at where we want to be,” he said. “How can we, as a group, prioritize but be cognizant of what people can afford?”

The redevelopment of Mandan’s former Central Market and Thrifty White Drug properties, as well as improvements to water intake and infrastructure are efforts Rohr said he’d like to help see through.

Rohr is the chairman of the city’s planning and zoning commission and a member of the Mandan Progress Organization. He frequently visits local nursing homes to visit with residents and volunteer his time and talents.

“It’s been a blessing to do that,” he said.

Rohr and his wife, Vesta, live in Mandan. Together, they have two sons, one daughter, seven grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. The couple is  involved with Mandan’s Art in the Park, where Rohr often performs with his band, Classic Rhythm.

“It’s the voters’ desires for what they do and who they think will do the best job,” he said.

Commissioner Shauna Laber’s four-year term also expires this year and she will seek re-election to her seat, making the announcement last week. The deadline for filing petitions is 4 p.m. April 9. Election Day is June 12.

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