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In Tuesday's legislative elections, Republicans gained nine seats in the North Dakota Senate and 11 seats in the state House in unofficial returns. The results could be affected by later recounts. This is a list of districts where Senate and House Republican candidates won legislative seats formerly held by Democrats. No Republican legislative incumbents were defeated in Tuesday's election.


DISTRICT 3, Minot: Republican Senate candidate Oley Larsen and House candidates Roscoe Streyle and Andrew Maragos defeated incumbent Democratic Sen. Robert Horne and Reps. Kari Conrad and Lisa Wolf. Republicans win the district's Senate seat and two House seats.

DISTRICT 5, Minot: Republican Senate candidate Randy Burckhard defeated Democratic rival Frank Mayer, while Republican House hopefuls Scott Louser and Roger Brabandt defeated incumbent Democratic Rep. Louis Pinkerton and Heidi Rintoul. Two of the district's Democratic incumbents, Sen. Tom Seymour and Rep. Elwood Thorpe, did not seek re-election. Republicans take the district's Senate seat and two House seats.

DISTRICT 7, McHenry and Pierce counties and parts of Benson and Sheridan counties in north-central North Dakota: Republican House candidate Dick Anderson, of Willow City, won a seat formerly held by Rep. Arlo Schmidt, D-Maddock, who did not run for re-election. GOP gains one House seat.

DISTRICT 17, Grand Forks: Republican House candidates Mark Sanford and Mark Owens defeat incumbent Rep. Louise "Weezie" Potter, D-Grand Forks, and Democrat Bernell Bachmeier. Republicans kept the seat that is being vacated by Rep. Ken Svedjan, R-Grand Forks, who did not seek re-election. GOP gains one House seat.

DISTRICT 19, rural Grand Forks County: Republicans Wayne Trottier, of Northwood, and Gary Paur, of Gilby, defeat incumbent Democratic Rep. Chris Griffin, of Larimore, and Democrat Bernice Kvasager, of Ardoch. Incumbent Rep. Gerry Uglem, R-Northwood, runs for the Senate, defeating incumbent Democrat Arthur Behm, of Niagara. Republicans gain one Senate and one House seat.

DISTRICT 23, Nelson and Griggs counties and parts of Benson, Eddy and Steele counties in east-central North Dakota: Republican Bill Devlin defeats incumbent Rep. Ben Vig, D-Sharon. GOP gains one House seat.

DISTRICT 25, Wahpeton and eastern Richland County: Incumbent Sen. Arden Anderson, D-Wahpeton, loses to Republican Larry Luick, of Fairmount. Republicans gain a Senate seat.

DISTRICT 27, Fargo: Incumbent Sen. Jim Pomeroy, D-Fargo, does not seek re-election and is replaced by Republican Spencer Berry. Incumbent Democratic Rep. Lee Myxter runs for Pomeroy's Senate seat and loses. Republican Thomas Beadle wins Myxter's former House seat, and incumbent Republican Rep. Randy Boehning is re-elected. GOP gains one Senate seat and one House seat.

DISTRICT 31, Sioux and Grant counties and parts of Morton and Hettinger counties in southwestern North Dakota: Republicans Karen Rohr and James Schmidt defeat incumbent Rep. James Kerzman, D-Mott, and Democrat Chad Harrison. Incumbent Rep. Rod Froelich, D-Selfridge, runs for the district's Senate seat and loses to Republican Donald Schaible, of Mott. The Senate seat was formerly held by Democrat Aaron Krauter, of Regent, who resigned to become state director of the U.S. Agriculture Department's Farm Service Agency. Republicans gain the district's Senate seat and two House seats.

DISTRICT 35, Bismarck: Republican Margaret Sitte defeats Democrat Nick Archuleta in the race to succeed incumbent Sen. Tracy Potter, D-Bismarck. Potter ran for the U.S. Senate instead, losing to Republican Gov. John Hoeven. Republicans gain the district's North Dakota Senate seat.

DISTRICT 43, Grand Forks: Incumbent Democratic Sen. JoNell Bakke loses to Republican Lonnie Laffen. The GOP gains a Senate seat.

DISTRICT 45, Fargo: Incumbent Democratic Sen. Tom Fiebiger loses to Republican Ronald Sorvaag. Republicans gain a Senate seat.

TOTALS: Republicans gain nine Senate seats and 11 House seats. The Senate's partisan split goes from 26 Republicans and 21 Democrats to 35 Republicans and 12 Democrats. In the House, the split changes from 58 Republicans and 36 Democrats to 69 Republicans and 25 Democrats.


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