A woman faces criminal charges after investigators say she falsely accused a former Burleigh County deputy of terrorizing, a report that prompted the response of the SWAT team.

Natasha Whitney Reiger, Lincoln, is charged with making a false report to law enforcement after she reported on Monday that former deputy Kerry Komrosky held a gun to her head, threatened her life and physically assaulted her, court records say.

The report prompted the SWAT team to respond to the Lincoln residence where Komrosky eventually stuck his hands outside of the home and asked officers not to shoot, according to court records.

Komrosky, a former Burleigh County sheriff’s deputy accused of stealing drugs and cellphones that were evidence, surrendered and told officers he had been sleeping.

Officers took Komrosky into custody and executed a search warrant on the home, which resulted in finding meth paraphernalia, court records say.

In an interview, Komrosky told a Bureau of Criminal Investigation agent he had just returned from inpatient treatment in Minnesota and found Reiger in his house and he asked her to leave.

According to Komrosky, Reiger was upset and wouldn't leave and they verbally argued until Komrosky went into his room, shut the door and went to bed.

An individual later brought a recording of the incident to Komrosky’s lawyer’s office. The recording verified Komrosky’s version of events, according to court records.

"The tape clearly shows that Reiger made up the terrorizing story to falsely accuse Komrosky after he had asked her to leave his home," BCI agent Robert Cunningham wrote in a court affidavit.

Reiger also is charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, a Class C felony.

McLean County State’s Attorney Ladd Erickson, who was called Tuesday to handle the case, said Komrosky will not face any charges for the incident.

The false report tied up a lot of law enforcement resources, including the SWAT team, the Lincoln Police Department, prosecutors and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, and caused concern for several neighbors, Erickson said.

Michael Hoffman, Komrosky’s attorney, said he appreciates that Erickson took time to investigate before proceeding further.

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