RJR Maintenance & Management co-owner Jackie Fakler, front, with support from employees in back, reads a statement to reporters in tribute to her husband, Robert Fakler, Bill and Lois Cobb and Adam Fuehrer on April 5 at the RJR office in Mandan. Fakler, Fuehrer and the Cobbs were found dead on April 1 as the result of homicide.

Employees of RJR Maintenance & Management gathered Friday for a media statement in remembrance of four colleagues found killed Monday at their office in Mandan. 

RJR owner Jackie Fakler spoke for five minutes, offering tributes for Bill and Lois Cobb, Adam Fuehrer and her husband, Robert.

"Not only did we lose an owner and irreplaceable employees, we lost sons, a daughter, husbands, fathers, brothers, grandfathers, grandmother, sister, loving wife, mother and some of our closest friends," Fakler told reporters. "The entire RJR family is mourning the loss." 

She described her husband as her "best friend, my kiss in the morning to wake me up" and a beloved father, son and grandfather. 

"He was a straightforward kind of person and, if something didn't go right, he would voice his opinion in a constructive manner," Fakler said, to smiles and laughter from employees comforting each other behind her in RJR's front reception area. 

Bill Cobb, she said, was a "long lost brother" to her husband, "practically his twin" and "a true cowboy" and the "No. 1 fan" of singer Elvis Presley. 

"His dedication he brought to RJR was one that cannot be replaced," Fakler said. 

Fakler described Lois Cobb, Bill's wife, as a joy in the workplace, greeting everyone with "You are my sunshine," and sharing her infectious laugh. 

"She sounded like Betty from 'The Flintstones,'" Fakler said. 

The Cobbs had just bought their dream home in December, she added, and leave four children, grandchildren and a dog, Russell. 

Fuehrer, Fakler said, was also a family man, quiet, loyal and an outdoorsman.

"He loved his camping, nature and spending time with his children," Fakler said.

RJR will remain open but will close Tuesday for the joint memorial service for Robert Fakler, Fuehrer and the Cobbs.

"To describe these people in a few words is impossible. Everyone had an impact in our lives," Fakler said as employees embraced, held hands and some wept behind her, wearing the company's signature maroon. 

Fakler thanked the efforts of law enforcement and support from the local community following Monday's discovery and Thursday's arrest in the case. She encouraged anyone with tips or information to alert Mandan police. She did not take questions.

"Adam, Bill, Lois and Robert will truly be missed," she said. 

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